The 2022 Gardening Year Has Begun!

☀️”Many hands make light work”💪🏾

A big thank you to everyone who attended the garden’s 9th annual spring kick-off last Saturday! More than 65 people contributed their time and energy to caring for our little green space in the city! Seeds were planted, weeds were pulled, signs were made, a mural was painted, compost was turned, a turtle was spotted, and a fruit orchard was cared for. All thanks to our collective efforts! 

Of course, we’re only getting started, so we’ll need contributions from our garden community throughout the next 6 months. Starting April 27th, you’ll be able to join in every Wednesday (6-7pm) and Sunday (4-6pm) until the end of October (please note: work days will be canceled when there’s inclement weather). 

Over the next several weeks, some of the activities we’ll be doing will include: watering, weeding, planting, designing, adding compost and spreading woodchips. In early/mid-May, we’ll plant sweet potato slips, and then in mid-June, we’ll start reaping what we’ve been sowing.

We hope you’ll join us!✌🏾

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