Mission Statement



To create a space where neighbors can connect with one another in a hands-on, peaceful, and respectful environment around the activity of growing produce. In the process of tending to vegetables, fruits, and other plants, the Southwest Community Garden group seeks to educate community members about gardening and the nutritional value of fresh produce, and strengthen bonds among community members through inclusive community activities.


We envision a neighborhood where neighbors have access to gardening activities and freshly grown food, ; know each other’s names, are trusting of one another; respect and value the community;  feel respected and valued by the community, are safe and happy; share resources; and feel motivated to proactively contribute to each other’s quality of life.


We build, operate, and invite others’ participation in a community garden that brings together residents living in and around Southwest DC. Our gardens provide a venue for people to connect with the earth, grow fresh produce and plants, spend time together, deepen relationships, and make plans to better the community.

The garden in Lansburgh Park will include individual plots for use by individuals or households in exchange for an annual cost. The garden will also include a communal section in which anyone is welcome to help grow food for themselves and the larger neighborhood.


  • Community gardening quiets the mind, connects people with the earth, and grounds people within their local neighborhood
  • People want to feel connected to their neighbors
  • People want to feel trusted and valued by their neighbors
  • Neighborhoods thrive when neighbors connect with one another in person
  • Every person is equally vital to make a community work


  • Community-driven
  • Inclusive
  • Respectful
  • Nonhierarchical
  • Fun
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative

One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. we are moving to sw dc and one of the first things i researched was the presence of community gardening. bravo, this sounds fantastic! Kate

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