Spreading Honey & Raising Money w/The California Honeydrops


On October 15, 2019, the SW Community Gardens had the pleasure of partnering with the five-piece, Oakland band, the California Honeydrops, through their Spreading Honey project. The project, spearheaded by drummer, Ben Malament, features a non-profit in each of the cities the Honeydrops tour in. This allows the organization to raise some funds, share their story, and enjoy the good vibes Honeydrop live shows are known to bring.

Now, if you’ve been to enough of our garden work days, you know we like it funky — whether it’s the funky smell of decomposing food scraps, or the funky soul sounds we play and promote — we are one with the funk. And true to nature, the Honeydrops provide a show you can’t miss. If you get a chance, check them out, and you’ll likely find a few familiar faces!

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