That’s A Wrap For 2017!



Friends, the garden is now officially closed for the year. Thank you for following along, and joining in on our journey!

What a year it’s been! To put it in some perspective, here’s some data we’ve collected:

  • This year, we had a total of 813 visits — an increase of 158 from last year.
  • Of the total visits, 155 were folks visiting the garden for the first timeΒ — an increase of 75 from 2016.
  • We harvested a little over 150 pounds of produce — an increase of 13 pounds from the previous year.

More isn’t always better, but it’s exciting to see that the garden is still growing. We’re always looking for ways to deepen the impact and relationships we create through the garden, so please let us know any suggestions you have for the future.

As spring emerges in 2018, we’ll reach out to you all again to start planning for 2018. We hope you’ll join us!

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