We’re Ready For The Spring Kick-off!

Ready For The Spring Kick-off!

Last Wednesday, despite the chilly weather, a group of SW neighbors worked with a volunteer group from Georgia, organized by Mercy Hill Church, to get the garden ready for the spring kick-off. We successfully fixed a couple of the wheelbarrows and the entrance to the garden, pulled up weeds, and turned over all our cover crops. We are now ready to start the gardening season!

Companion planting plan

At the kick-off, we’ll be trying our hand at companion planting for the first time. Companion planting is the intentional planting of mutually beneficial crops next to each other. This method maximizes space, deters pests, and encourages a healthy growing cycle. If you’ve attended one of our previous kick-offs, you’ll already know we follow a PIY tactic — plant-it-yourself! The combinations we’ll be planting this spring will be the following: onions/carrots, peas/spinach, and carrots/lettuce. If you’re interested in learning more, and trying out this strategy, come to the kick-off!


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