That’s A Wrap For 2016!

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Well, friends, yesterday, was the garden’s last workday of 2016. The cover crops are in, and the gates are closed. It’s been a fantastic year in the garden — we grew, and distributed more fruits and vegetables than we had our previous 2 years, and had a record number of visitors to the garden.

The Stats

Last year, we grew 65 pounds of produce, and this year, we stepped up our production and reached 140 pounds! We also took another step forward in our pursuit of creating a true “community garden” rather than a “garden in a community” by connecting with more of our SW neighbors (and honorary SW residents).

In 2015, we had 364 total visits to the garden, with 58 new visits, and an average of 10 people per workday.
This year, we had a total of 655 visits, 80 new visitors, and an average of 13.5 people per workday!
Overall, from 2014-2016, we’ve had a 180% increase in visits during our workdays!
More isn’t always better, but whoa!

The future

While the garden is closed, we will recharge, take time to reflect, and start thinking about what we can do to continue becoming a valuable component of the community. If you have ideas, suggestions, feed back, or want to get involved, feel free to get in touch with us. If there are items that you think we should purchase, let us know!

We’ll start preparing for our spring kick-off in February, so you can expect to hear from us then!

Enjoy the rest of the year, and see you in the spring!

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