Garden Meet & Greet This Saturday!

Please join us for a Community Garden Meet & Greet happening this Saturday, November 2, at 2:00pm at SW Community Gardens in Lansburgh Park! (If it rains, we will meet at Southwest Library meeting room downstairs at the library instead.)

This will be a chance for everyone to come together and meet each other. Since the lottery, we haven’t been able to meet all of our new gardeners, so this will be a good time for everyone to say hello.

We also have some official business to conduct: specifically, we will be conducting an election for our new Treasurer. We are fortunate that Jessica Cagley has expressed interest in serving in the role. If anyone else wishes to nominate themselves or someone else, please let us know by Saturday noon (email

Also, we will be voting on some changes to the Garden Bylaws. Our bylaws were created at a time when we were very much unsure how our garden would actually manifest, so we need to make updates based on how many plots were allowed in the garden, and similar things. Follow the link to preview, we will go over the changes at the meeting.

We will also go over some basic gardening tips, including composting, what to grow and what not to grow in our plots, how to work with kids in the garden, and other issues.

Finally, we will hold a short gardening session afterwards, to clean up leaves, maybe remove tomato plants that the weather might be getting too cold for, and otherwise clean up the garden and get it ready for the winter. (We’re of course not closing up the garden or anything, but some of us might be stopping our gardening fairly soon.)

We hope to see you on Saturday!

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