Basil Harvest

August 11th at 4-5pm will go down as an important day in SW Community Gardens history as it was our first harvest ever. We harvested our several basil leaves and came away with 1.4 lbs of basil, which was distributed amongst the 8 volunteers who came to help with the harvest. 

We look forward to continued basil harvests, likely in a week or two, as basil grows quick. For those looking to get creative with your basil, check out Basil Bonanza hosted by our friends at City Blossoms, to be held at 1480 Girard Street NW Friday August 16th 6-8:30pm.–Basil-Awaits-You–7-days-away-.html?soid=1102064811808&aid=gBmV8sL3bVgImage

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