Our garden location is finalized!

Hello SWers and SCGers,

The location of the Southwest Community Gardens is finalized! We met with the Department of Parks and Recreation last week along with representatives from the dog park group, and after some talking we decided the best place that works for everyone (including DPR) can be seen here on this Lansburgh Park Map. This is a very exciting next step, because it means that DPR can move forward with finalizing our plans and then finding the right contractor to build the water, fencing, lighting, as well as the garden and dog park themselves. We will still need to provide all the funding necessary to build the garden itself, but DPR would supply the fencing, water, and lighting. We are told that water will be installed when the tennis courts in Lansburgh Park are converted into basketball courts, in April once the weather warms up.

Meanwhile, we are also being closely considered for a pretty major grant to support SCG’s construction — keep your fingers crossed as we receive consideration. More info soon!

Finally, we have begun the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. It’ll take some time, but we look forward to being a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation probably sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

‘Til next time, happy gardening!

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